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* Do you know what a Teardrop attack is?

Suggested article: What is a Teardrop attack and how to protect ourselves?

Teardrop attack is a type of DoS (Denial-of-Service) attack. It involves sending fragmented packets to a target machine. Since the machine receiving such packets cannot reassemble them due to a bug in TCP/IP fragmentation reassembly, the packets overlap one another, crashing the target network device. Typically it happens on older operating systems.

Likely victims of Teardrop attacks are:

  • Healthcare providers
  • Governments
  • Banks and financial services

What can we do to protect ourselves? There are two common methods:

  • Using a Firewall
  • Updating your OS

As you already know, this DoS attack type is hazardous for people and organizations, using outdated operating systems. Want to learn more? Check the following article about the Teardrop attack!